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Connected scale:  Learn more about your body with our Health Tracking connected scale , follow your health from the comfort of your home.

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Exercise to be in shape every day!

To better understand your body and how your sports or food routine influences your physical and mental transformation, it is the guarantee of reaching your goal. With the connected Health Tracking scale you will have total monitoring and control of your body thanks to body indicators such as BMI, fat, muscle and many others.


Check your progress on the mobile application compatible with iOS and Android.

12 measurement indicators

Health Tracking calculates 12 indicators of your body composition to better understand how your eating and sports routine affects your body:

- Weight

- Body mass index (BMI) measurement

- Grease

- Muscular

- water

- Visceral fat

- bone mass

- Metabolism

- Proteins

- Weight control

- Metabolic age

- Weight without grease

A motivation for a flawless fitness!

Diet and food rebalancing - Health Tracking supports you in your success and will be your additional motivation. Don't just focus on weight but on what really matters - subcutaneous fat mass, hydration, BMI, calories burned, step count and more.


Sport - Follow all your daily activity: muscle mass, proteins, fats, sport modes adapted to your daily routine.


Health - Daily monitoring of your health: heart rate, sleep cycles, daily physical activity, breathing exercises, general physical condition, pregnancy, all that and more thanks to the connected Health Tracking scale.


* Measurement of skeletal muscle frequency

* Body mass index (BMI) measurement

* Muscle measurement

* Control measure

* Subcutaneous fat measures

* Visceral fat measures

* Protein measurement

* Calorie measurement

* Bone mass measurement

* Type of measuring body

* Normal measurement weight

* Weight without fat measurement

* Weight measuring body

1 Connected Health Tracking scale

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