Hair Styler Curler™


Hair Styler Curler ™:   create curls, voluminous and perfect.

You can achieve a result worthy of a professional with Hair Styler Curler make sublime hairstyles in the comfort of your home!

Why it's the best: 

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Good to know:  Best quality product at the best price.


Always be beautiful and effortless

Speed ​​up your styling routine with our automatic curling iron. it only takes 3 minutes to curl your hair, no need to wake up 1 hour before to get ready in the morning Hair Styler Curler ™ is for you.

Create perfect curls with the push of a button !!

No more delays at work every morning because of your hair

In just a few minutes with Hair Styler Curler ™ you will have the perfect hairstyle in no time.

Quick and Easy - Achieve your dream curls in just 8 seconds. 

Perfect for all hair types - Thick, long, your hair won't get stuck! 

Wireless - Perfect for on the go

Cordless Hair Styler Curler ™ fits easily in your pocket! Take it with you on a trip and achieve celebrity-worthy curls anytime, anywhere!

Create perfect curls even when traveling !!

Want to create perfect curls?   Now you can do it with Hair Styler Curler ™ with less effort. It buckles automatically , it's wireless, and it's perfect for on the go.  

Strengths: Economical no need to go to the hairdresser save time and money


Step 1 : Hold down the power button until the screen turns on. You can use the power button and the arrow button to adjust the settings you want. The screen will display many different parameters from which you can choose the duration ( from 8 to 18sec ), the orientation of the loop ( R / L ) or the temperature (from 150 to 200 ° C ).

Step 2 : Place a section of hair in the device, then press the oval button.

Step 3 : Hold the button down. Once the beeping starts and the iron stops spinning, release the button and leave the hair inside until you hear 2 consecutive, rapid beeps.

Step 4 : Then remove the strand of the  Hair Styler Curler ™ to release a curl achieved in seconds, and with just one hand!

1 X  
Hair Styler Curler ™

1 X USB cable

1 X Comb

2 X Clips

1 X Bag

1 X User Manual

Not sure if the heat is sufficient or if you buckle them correctly? The timer automatically turns off when the hair is perfectly curled so you don't need to worry about it anymore.

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