ThermoPlus jacket


Thermo Plus :   The rechargeable heated jacket is able to provide your body with warmth that can last for hours.

Why it's the best: 

  • 100% waterproof
  • Wind resistant
  • Machine washable 30 °

Good to know:  Best quality product at the best price.


ThermoPlus jacket


The Thermo Plus jacket incorporates advanced technology, quality materials, warm and breathable as well as a unique carbon microfiber system.

The heated jacket, the essential garment for this winter!

It will bring you unparalleled comfort that will make your long winter days much more enjoyable.

She will never leave you!


With its fitted cut, it slips easily under a suit jacket, under a coat or even over a shirt or T-shirt. Its slim and elegant design allows it not to be seen only as an accessory but as an element of your outfit in its own right.

With a distributed heating system in the back, the THERMO PLUS jacket therefore allows you to warm up or keep warm everywhere and all the time!

 With just the touch of a finger and comfortable. The heat spreads evenly , giving a natural and pleasant feeling of warmth


1. Take out the removable magazine.

2. Neutral detergent is available, then hand wash

3. The ThermoPlus jacket can be machine washed at 30 °: delicate cycle recommended.

4. After natural air drying can be used

1. Remove the USB plug.

2. Plug in the removable charger.

3. Turn on the removable charger.

4. Press the breast temperature control switch for two seconds.

5. Flashing red light, means automatic heating.

6. After the red light flashes for 5 minutes, then the automatic turn to white light, means the average temperature.

7. Manual adjustment has three levels, red light means continuous high temperature heating.

White light means continuous medium heating, blue light means continuous low heating.

8. Press the breast temperature control switch for two seconds, turns on and stops heating.

1 * ThermoPlus Jacket

Power bank not included

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