Apai Genie 360, trépied de suivi de visage de Rotation/bâton de Selfie, Support de suivi d'objet, cardan d'enregistrement vidéo

GenieTrack 360


 Capture your emotions!  Our GenieTrack 360 product will allow you to bring your videos to life, thanks to its removable media that follows your movements, you can produce videos with fun and different content, perfect for your TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube…. .

Why it's the best: 

  • Smart robot cameraman
  • All-in-one portable
  • Features 360 ° rotation, automatic face tracking, and object tracking. 

Good to know:  This advanced robot will allow your phone to follow you, take selfies and create professional video content without asking for help, it's perfect when you're on your own!

  • Black
  • White



• Innovative Object tracking fashion

• Face tracking mode

• 360 ° rotation, no blind spot to recognize your face automatically.

• Pose your poses at will, and start taking photos or videos automatically.

• Also with two-person shooting mode, allows you to freeze intimate moments.

• Made of high strength ABS plastic, impact resistant and wear resistant.

• Clamp with elastic handle and soft silicone, holder for 56-100mm mobile phones.

• Bracket for tripod mounting (not included)

• Swing app support - this is the only app that allows the unit to track

• Support System: iOS 10.0 and later, android 8.1 and later


Integrated Qiming, innovative smart tracking algorithm. Real-time target tracking shooting function, chasing moving objects and automatically capturing interesting images. 

The camera interface locks onto the target and the PTZ tracks the target to take a variety of shots. The combination of deep learning algorithms and computer vision makes tracking smoother. Do not lose the best moments of your daily life!


After entering face tracking mode, it can automatically recognize your face and follow you wherever you go!

Capture stunning hands-free seamless panoramas with you in it! 

Explore other ways to play with your image. Ideal for conferences, sporting events, presentations. 

Group photos, adventure photos, Instagram, Facebook Live, YouTube, Tiktok.


1 object tracking support + 1 cell phone?

If you have these problems: Cannot record video without a photographer.

You can't take pictures by yourself, when you need free your hands, the fixed stand is not flexible.

You will be tired if you keep video calls too long, GenieTrack 360 is the right tracker for you, and will help you solve the problem, let your phone follow you, take a selfie and stop asking for help.

Face tracking and smart response?

Face tracking title introduces AI technology of human image composition and scale estimation in smart shooting, 360 degree rotation around and automatically recognize person / pet.

No matter where you go, GenieTrack 360 will automatically follow you and take photos in a fixed time of 3 seconds.

Ideal for conferences, sporting events, presentations.

Group photos, adventure photos, Instagram, Facebook Live, vlog

Object tracking?

Smart Tracking: GenieTrack 360 can track objects in real time, track object scrolling, for example when the dog is moving, the cellphone also follows the dog, then automatically shoot, photos.

What a great surprise to get a high quality professional selfie stick anyone can use it and they will love it.

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